VIDEO: David Beckham Punk’d Below The Belt By Italian Actress

David Beckham nearly went nuts when Italian actress/TV personality Elena Di Cioccio pranked the Soccer superstar during a mass interview in an Milan, Italy restaurant, nonchalantly grabbing his crotch in hopes of gaging the size of his genitals.

“David was not at all pleased with this stunt,” a rep for Beckham’s current squad, A.C. Milan, told following the incident. “He didn’t know what was going on and luckily the security team stepped in and stopped her having another go.”

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The LA Galaxy star, on loan to A.C. Milan, was left beside himself after Di Cioccio carried out her attack on the father-of-three as part of the show called Le Iene (The Hyenas).

In the video (which is in Italian), we see Di Cioccio approach Beckham, and yes, she cops a feel!

Di Cioccio said she wanted to see “how he measured up” after rumors emerged that Beckham — nicknamed “Golden balls” by his celeb wife Victoria, has benefited from computer enhancement below the belt.

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“We wanted to find out,” Di Cioccio said, “if he was as well endowed as the pictures suggest — I touched it but it’s small.”

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