EXCLUSIVE: Randy and Evi Quaid Flee Texas

After a rocky residence in the small town of Marfa, Randy and Evi Quaid fled the tiny Texas artists enclave, RadarOnline.com has confirmed. They are expected to return to California to finally answer charges over an unpaid $10,000 hotel bill, Radar Online.com can reveal.

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An arrest warrant for the pair had been dropped after they posted bail of $20,000 each. Prosecutor Lee Carter revealed that the warrant to extradite them back to Santa Barbara had been dropped after they had failed to appear in court three times.

However, Marfa Mayor Daniel Dunlap says the husband and wife are in hot water back in his town after Evi got in an argument with an administrator and removed papers from his City Hall.

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“The sheriff filed a ‘no trespass’ order against them in connection with this incident after Evi Quaid got into a fight with an administrator and took some papers,” he told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Nobody has seen them in Marfa for around one week now and maybe they have returned to California for their pending court appearance.”

Randy And Evi Quaid To Be Charged With 3 Felony Charges Each

Since the Quaids arrived in Marfa – which only has a population of 2,400 – they have caused a lot of problems. Planning authorities had to place a cease and desist order on their property after they worked without the proper permits. Also, local Deputy James Davis has sued them for defamation after Evi painted the side of a truck and parked it outside Mayor Dunlap’s office accusing Davis of taking bribes.

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The sign read: “Deputy Davis takes payments … call and make offers.”

Robert Sanger, the couple’s attorney, says the bill has been paid and he hopes to talk with prosecutors about resolving the case. They were arrested on Sept. 24 in West Texas and their next Arraignment is set for Dec. 15 in Santa Barbara.

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