Leave Beckham Alone Say Officials

David Beckham, with his golden foot and golden locks, was trumpeted as the savior of Major League Soccer in America. With his wife Victoria in tow, the soccer god took the nation by storm in the summer of 2007. Now, on the heels of the news he’s ditching the Los Angeles Galaxy for Milan, fans have quickly turned, causing soccer officials to step in…sort of.

“Obviously we would prefer it for soccer fans to support David when he returns,” MLS Senior Vice-President Dan Courtemanche told RadarOnline.com. But, he admits, “ultimately it will be up to them how they react.”

“David has played soccer at the highest level in leagues throughout the world and he will totally be used to fans booing him by now,” he adds. “Obviously, this is a unique situation and it will be interesting to see the reception he is given.”

So far, that reception has been anything but warm. The Riot Squad Galaxy club has a nonstop stream of angry comments on their official website. Galaxy spokesperson Justin Pearson told RadarOnline.com that they were encouraging “all their fans to support Beckham and the team.”

However, former Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas, who brokered the reported $250 million deal that originally brought Beckham to LA, believes the fans have every right to boo him. “He’ll get booed and it’s of his own making,” he said. Sounds like it’s not all water under the bridge just yet!

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