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Tara Reid Gets Her Dance On At The Coachella Music Festival

Party girl Tara Reid flaunted her teeny tiny figure as she danced the day away at Coachella — see the scary skinny pics.… READ MORE

Tara Reid's Bikini Photos Shows Off Her Rail-Thin Frame

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‘Sharknado 3′: Tara Reid, Ian Ziering All Signed Up

Original Sharknado stars Ian Ziering & Tara Reid will be back for another stint as shark attack survivors Fin and April in the third installment of Syf… READ MORE

Tara Reid Goes Bowling In Her Bra

Tara Reid must have left her tops at home when she went on vacation in Tuluum, Mexico. A couple days after the “American Pie” actress posed naked there for an I… READ MORE

Tara Reid Posts Nude Pic

Tara Reid has started off with a bang! The “American Pie” actress posed naked for an Instagram pic.… READ MORE

Tara Reid Looks A Lot Healthier

Four weeks after appearing shockingly thin, Tara Reid looks to be on the mend. The 39-year-old actress posted several pictures from her trip to Tulum, Mexi… READ MORE

Tara Reid Is Skin & Bones During Bikini Beach Day

Tara Reid has been wasting away in recent weeks, looking skinnier with almost every public appearance. But a new set of photos taken during a Hawaii beach da… READ MORE

The Chub Club! 15 Celebs Who Were Overweight As Kids — Guess Who!

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Tara Reid's Scarily Skinny Halloween Photo Gives Fans A Fright

Tara Reid unintentionally gave her fans a fright on Halloween by posting an Instagram photo of her looking scarily skinny.

The disturbing picture – which w… READ MORE

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Tara Reid Reveals Her Skeletor Body While Running Errands

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