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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Wants To Slow Down Divorce? That’s News To Kate!

Jon Gosselin has been a bad, bad man. Don’t take our word for it – read what he told, a glossy magazine.

“I regret my conduct,” he sa… READ MORE

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Jon Gosselin Takes Long Walk Into Pier 1

Jon Gosselin must not like football: the father-of-eight Sunday was snapped at a Pier 1 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, shopping at the furnishings store.


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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin Left Babysitter In Charge While He D...

Kate Gosselin may have had good reason to call the cops the night Jon wouldn’t let her onto their property to see their eight kids. In the weeks leading … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin On Jon’s Falling Out With Stephanie Santoro: “I’...

Kate Gosselin, appearing on The View Friday, made it crystal clear she does not trust sexy cocktail waitress turned-babysitter (and another alleged ex-m… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin’s Breakup Words to Babys...

When Jon Gosselin tried to call things off with babysitter Stephanie Santoro, he didn’t resort to the usual, “It’s not you, it’… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Nixes Kathy Griffin’s Offer To Pose Nude T...

Kate Gosselin wants no part of the D-list.

The 34-year-old reality TV mom Friday, appearing on The View Friday alongside fellow guest Kathy Griffin, was pr… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin Told Babysitter Not to Worry About G...

It looks like Kate Gosselin may have had a reason to worry about Stephanie Santoro, the woman Jon Gosselin hired to babysit their children.

In an exclusive i… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Liar, Liar! Jon Gosselin And Babysitter’s Mom In War ...

In this corner, weighing well over 200 pounds (hey, that’s how it looks) and wearing a slightly disturbed grimace, is Jon Gosselin.

And in the opposi… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin Suicide Bombshell: “I Want to Kill M...

Jon Gosselin may look calm and collected in photographs, but behind closed doors, the father-of-8 is a pressure cooker waiting to boil over says the mother … READ MORE

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Meet Jon Gosselin, Candy Striper

We’ve seen Jon Gosselin lugging around Toys R Us bags plenty of times, but on recently, the toys were not for his tots: The 32-year-old reality TV dad c… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kathy Griffin’s Hysterical Jon & Kate Plus Eight Par...

Leave it to Kathy Griffin: the outrageous comedienne spoofed reality TV’s favorite mama, Kate Gosselin, on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night.


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VIDEO: Jon Gosselin On Hailey Glassman: “You Can’t Control...

Jon Gosselin, in yet more excerpts from his tell-all interview with ABC, discussed his jet-setting romance with Hailey Glassman, the 22-year-old blond h… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Says He Despises Kate, Implies She Stole His Weddi...

Jon Gosselin held little back when sitting down with ABC News for a one-on-one interview regarding his rocky relationship with wife Kate, and their messy b… READ MORE

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Jon Gosselin Speculates Kate Had Affair With Bodyguard

Jon Gosselin tells Good Morning America anchor Chris Cuomo that he is not entirely sure his estranged wife Kate and her bodyguard, Steve Neild, haven̵… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Who Should Kate Gosselin Date?

With her marriage basically over, Kate Gosselin is now the most famous single mom in America.

It doesn’t look like the mom of eight is going to work things out … READ MORE

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Kate Gosselin Picks Up Kids From Bus Stop

The wheels on the bus stopped for Kate Gosselin Wednesday, as she picked up her little ones from school at a bus stop in their Wernersville, Pennsylvania nei… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Slams Kate: “I Took A Lot Of Abuse From Her&...

Jon Gosselin told Good Morning America Wednesday that he has taken “a lot of abuse” from his wife Kate, from their crumbling marriage, to the way she has spok… READ MORE

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Source: Jon Gosselin Needs To Watch Out For Nanny Stephanie Santoro

Jon Gosselin’s  nanny and possible gal pal Stephanie Santoro is unfit to look after the Jon And Kate Plus 8 kids, according to one mom who spoke exclusively t… READ MORE

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No More Bikini Girls & Pool Parties! Jon Gosselin Goes Shopping W...

After a weekend of Las Vegas decadence, complete with bikini girls and pool parties, Jon Gosselin Monday looked to the one rock, in his constantly-taped- f… READ MORE