Nicole Kidman Implicitly Slams Marriage To Tom Cruise, Fails To Mention Two Older Children With Ex In Mother’s Day Plans

Nicole Kidman cruise children
Nicole Kidman Implicitly Slams Marriage To Tom Cruise, Fails To Mention Two Older Children With Ex In Mother’s Day Plans

Nicole Kidman had nothing nice to say about her marriage to Tom Cruise and EVEN LESS to say about the two children the pair share together in a new interview. In it, she took a dig at her ex-husband and never mentioned their two children, even when talking about Mother’s Day!

Kidman, 46, and Cruise, 50, were married for 10 years, but her unhappiness in the relationship is still clear to this day.

Extolling the virtues of her marriage to country singer Keith Urban, 46, in an interview with Melbourne’s Gold 104.3, she took a dig at her first marriage to Cruise, saying: “We also got married later in life and we kind of thought, ‘We aren’t going to screw this up and we are going to do everything we can to make this work.’

“I think when you are younger and you are in your early twenties, and you are in a relationship and you are trying to make that work, that is a whole different thing than where we are at now.”

Kidman has an unconventional relationship with her two older children, Isabella and Connor Cruise, admittedly not spending lots of time with them after the divorce because of their dedication to the Church of Scientology. It appears this Mother’s Day was no different.

“We are going to have a big brunch, and have some people over in LA,” Kidman revealed about her holiday plans in the same town where her son Connor lives.

After years of a fractured relationship, Bella and Nicole appeared to mend their broken relationship, with her daughter saying: “I love mom. She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes [in Nashville] and I speak to her.”

And Connor spoke out recently, declaring: “I love my mom — I don’t care what people say. I know that me and mom are solid.”

But Kidman didn’t mention his appearance or that of his sister’s at her home for the family holiday.

“The kids swim and play and we do crepes – that’s put big thing so we are going to cook up some crepes and do some omelets,” she said, leaving out any mention of Isabella or Connor being with their mom on the holiday.

Instead, Kidman spoke about her plans with fellow Aussies Naomi Watts and Simon Baker and their children.

She said, “It’s lifelong friends. We have all just known each other and we have all grown up together. It’s been a long journey in terms of everyone’s careers and what they have done. When we tell people the duration of our friendship people are shocked.”