Lorenzo Lamas Is Broke! Unemployed Soap Star Files For Bankruptcy — A Second Time

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Lorenzo Lamas Is Broke! Unemployed Soap Star Files For Bankruptcy — A Second Time

Oops, he did it again.

Former soap star Lorenzo Lamas, 56, has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in California — nearly a decade after he first filed and was discharged in 2004.

In bankruptcy court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, the onetime Renegade actor— who once flew on private jets— claims he now only has $9,100 in assets, including $2,300 in books, $1,200 in clothing and just $430 in his checking account.

But Lamas, married to 27-year-old model-turned-secretary Shawna Craig, is more than $322,000 in debt. The actor owes more the $285,000 in state and federal taxes dating back to 2003, and approximately $19,000 in domestic support (presumably to his four ex-wives and three minor children: Alexandra, 16, Victoria, 14, and Isabella, 11).

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With his current income, there’s no way the former Leave It to Lamas reality star can even begin to chip away at the enormous debts; Court documents list Lamas as a self-employed actor making absolutely nothing per month, and Craig as a nightclub secretary earning just $2,400 a month after deductions.

Five months after his filing, Lamas was discharged from his bankruptcy— but he may not be in the clear just yet. The ruling does not wipe away tax and domestic support debts, which make up the majority of his financial obligations. He is off the hook for bills from Credit One Bank, the Directors Guild, and collection agency United Recovery, but he still likely has to pay the whopping $300,000 to the government and his ex-wives.

Perhaps he can beg for a loan from his oldest daughter, former Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas, 28, and her blogger husband Nik Richie , 35.

“That was my greatest fear, losing the means to support my family,” Lamas said after his first bankruptcy. “But somehow I managed to pull it together and I did what I needed to do.”