‘I’m Not Circus Fat!’ Kirstie Alley Back As Jenny Craig Spokesperson, Vows To Lose 30 Pounds

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‘I’m Not Circus Fat!’ Kirstie Alley Back As Jenny Craig Spokesperson, Vows To Lose 30 Pounds

Kirstie Alley has fought a very public battle with her weight but now she is losing AND gaining with her new job – vowing to drop 30 pounds and inking a business deal to sell her own line of weight loss products through Jenny Craig.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant appeared on The TODAY Show telling Matt Lauer that while she’s not “circus fat” she needs to drop the weight she’s packed on recently.

“I maintained for four years and then, you know, I went off the rails a little bit,” the 63 year old actress said about the pounds she shed after being on the show.

Tell Lauer, 56, that she weighs herself daily, she gives pointers on how, returning to Jenny Craig, she plans to keep the weight off this time.

“I grew up when there were fat ladies in the circus, now so many of us are fat that you can’t tell us apart,” the noted Scientologist joked with Lauer.

“I call it circus fat.  I’m not circus fat, I want to lose 30 pounds.  That’s a lot!”

Alley and Kelly Preston previously announced her products Organic Liaison, and this time the products will be available to Jenny Craig members.

She explained what her two triggers are for gaining weight.

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“If I have man trouble and they upset me and I have too long of a definition of a holiday! The Christmas holiday lasts from Halloween to Valentine’s day. I have to be more disciplined in that time.”

And Alley told Lauer that she is diligent in following the Jenny Craig rules.

“If you write down everything you eat and if you weigh every day. If I don’t weigh every day I don’t weigh for a week and I get on the scaled and I’ve gained 3 pounds. If you can make yourself every day I think that is a real thing.”

And in a hilarious dig at Lauer, Alley joked that she was going to come back once a week naked to show off her weight loss.

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