Mary-Louise Parker Accused Of Hurling Gay Slurs!

Mary Louise-Parker
Mary-Louise Parker Accused Of Hurling Gay Slurs!

Weeds actress Mary-Louise Parker recently got into it with a New York antique shop owner who claims that she threatened him and called him the derogatory gay slur “f*g,” the National Enquirer is reporting.

According to the official incident report obtained by the Enquirer, “An argument ensued over something on consignment, and according to the store owner Ms. Parker stated to him, ‘Do you want to wake up tomorrow? I’ll make one phone call’ and additionally he was called a f*g.

“For now he requested the incident be recorded. He will call if he wants to take further action.”

The incident allegedly occurred in Saugerties on January 2 and according to an insider, Mary-Lousie, 48, was angered that purses she had placed on consignment at the shop were not priced higher.

For the full story, pick up the latest issue of National Enquirer — on newsstands Thursday.