Who Is Older Than Who? Guess The Age Of 20 Stars Under 25

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Who Is Older Than Who? Guess The Age Of 20 Stars Under 25

By Radar Staff

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how old people are in Hollywood!

From sexy singers and silver screen sirens to underage reality show stars, RadarOnline.com is playing a fun “who is older than who” game with the 20 hottest stars under 25, and you will be shocked with some of the results!

Emma Stone and Lindsay Lohan compete for the same roles because of their similar looks, but the actresses are not quite the same age. Stone definitely dresses more sophisticated than Lohan and has a better reputation with the law, but is she older?

Kim Kardashian’s little sisters Kylie and Kendall are still in high school, but the statuesque duo are already dressing like their big sis, while Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld are in the same age range and not showing quite so much skin. Can you guess who is older than who?

And Adele has one of the most soulful voices in the world and several Grammys to her name, but is she as advanced in years as a certain Disney star?

Find out how old your favorite stars really are, and who is older than who, by clicking here.