Sunday In The Park With Elisabeth Hasselbeck - And Her Kids

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Sunday In The Park With Elisabeth Hasselbeck - And Her Kids

By Radar Staff

Elisabeth Hasselbeck bundled up her three kids for a stroll through a Big Apple park on Sunday, and has the too cute pictures.

The View costar took Grace, 5, Taylor, 4, and Isaiah, 2, to a park — often with Isaiah up on her shoulders — where they stopped to admire a horse pulling one of Manhattan’s famous carriages.

Elisabeth’s baby daddy and husband is former pro quarterback-turned ESPN gridiron analyst Tim Hasselbeck.

Elisabeth and her gang had a leisurely afternoon today, a far different situation than what she sometimes stirs up on her ABC show.

As reported, last month she insisted that guest Bill Maher apologize for a joke he’d told about her a year earlier, resulting in one of the more cringe-worthy TV moments of the year.


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