Nancy Grace: I’ve Lost 15 Pounds On Dancing With The Stars

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Nancy Grace: I’ve Lost 15 Pounds On Dancing With The Stars

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Nancy Grace has been dancing up a storm for three weeks now on national television, and she’s also been dropping the pounds – 15 of them to be exact.

“I finally went down to another apartment and got on a scale and I’m down 15 pounds,” the Dancing with the Stars contestant exclusively told

With a solid performance under her belt Monday night, Grace said: “I took off my makeup, my spray tan and went to bed; I didn’t even eat dinner last night.”

Ever since giving birth to her twins, Lucy and John David, Nancy said she’s been making sure to take care of them, at the expense of her own workout times.  “I used to run five times a week before I got pregnant but now I spend all my time with them,” she said.

As for her run so far on DWTS?  Nancy said “I didn’t come on the show to try and lose weight.  People try to make women feel bad about themselves all the time and I’ve got bigger fish to fry than being a size two!”

She also defended her performance Monday night, saying proudly: “I watched it today and I thought it was a perfect waltz. I got to dress up like  a princess and dance a fairy tale.”

Another contestant will be sent home Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars on ABC at 8 p.m.


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