PHOTOS: Susan Boyle Gets A Wax Job!

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PHOTOS: Susan Boyle Gets A Wax Job!

by Radar Staff

Scottish songbird Susan Boyle shows off her new (and amazingly life-like) wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Blackpool, England on Tuesday.

The plain jane I Dreamed A Dream singer — who turned 50 on April 1st — shot to overnight stardom on Britain’s Got Talent in April, 2009 after wowing the judges and audience with her rendition of the Les Miserables classic song.

Her first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent has been viewed on the internet several hundred million times.  Despite becoming an instant media sensation (and getting a makeover), the cat-loving singer later finished in second place in the final of the show behind dance troupe Diversity.

Her first album was released in November, 2009 and debuted as the number one best-selling CD on charts around the world.

And for the record — the ‘Susan Boyle’ dressed in black is actually the wax one.



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