EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan About To Step Into An Inferno, Says Movie Director

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan About To Step Into An Inferno, Says Movie Director

Lindsay Lohan may love to party, but she’s facing a grueling shoot when she starts filming Inferno later this summer, the movie’s director Matthew Wilder has exclusively told RadarOnline.com.

LiLo hit Hollywood’s Bardot nightclub in Los Angeles on Saturday night and didn’t get home until 2am despite the fact she’s wearing a SCRAM bracelet and supposed to be leading a healthy lifestyle.

The star Tweeted that all the media attention she’s getting has given her “severe anxiety” yet she cannot seem to keep-out of the limelight.

But Wilder is confident when the cameras start rolling in August that Lohan will be on point to film the story about tragic porn star Linda Lovelace.

He told RadarOnline.com: “Look, it’s going to be a very grueling shoot, but we are confident Lindsay will be up to it.

“There are only a handful of scenes that she is not actually in, so, it will mean marathon shoots each day from early in the morning until late at night.

“I won’t try and tell her how she should be leading her personal life but she knows what will be required.

“There is a lot of negative attention around her which sometimes makes her tense but I think she will do a great job.

“In a strange way with all the negativity I think that people will ‘flip-out’ when they see her performance.

“They might be expecting ‘trash’ but I believe this movie will put her back on the map, I?ve got no doubts about that.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Quits

Wilder is currently trying to cast several other actors to play alongside Lohan in Inferno but he was remaining tight-lipped about who he has approached.

The director will be hoping that her SCRAM bracelet will be removed by the time the movie starts filming in what will be a 30 day shoot in total.

He’s definitely taking a gamble with the controversial actress who desperately needs to get her career back-on-track.

Most recently she was axed from The Other Side by director David Michaels before shooting even began.

Lohan has been missing from the big screen since 2007’s psychological stripper flop I Know Who Killed Me and hasn’t starred in a profitable film since 2004’s Mean Girls.

And she will be hoping that playing Linda Lovelace will actually kick-start her stuttering career.

Lovelace (real name Linda Boreman) is best known as the actress who starred in the 1972 hard core movie Deep Throat which went on to become the most successful porn film ever to be made.

The life story of Bronx born Boreman certainly has enough drama to potentially make a compelling movie.

Following the success of Deep Throat she denounced her pornography career claiming that she had been forced into it by her sadistic first husband before becoming a spokeswoman for the anti-porn movement.

She then went on to re-marry and have two children before controversially posing as Linda Lovelace for Leg Show magazine in 2000.

Tragically, she was involved in a fatal car crash two years later, suffering massive trauma and internal injuries which resulted in her death.

Both Courtney Love and Anna Faris had been touted to play Lovelace before Lohan emerged as the front-runner.

Only time will tell if Lohan can repay Wilder’s faith in her but he must be secretly praying that she can curb her hard-partying ways BEFORE filming starts.