DVD Releases for June 15, 2010

DVD Releases for June 15, 2010

When in Rome (PG-13)
Plucky Kristen Bell plays Beth, a lovelorn, type-A New Yorker who finally meets Mr. Right at her sister’s wedding in Rome. After Beth gets a little boozy and takes a coin from the city’s fabled fountain of love, she gets more suitors than she bargained for — and her future with McHottie is doomed. Will she ever reunite with the man of her dreams? Let’s hope so, because the group of would-be BFs are too annoying to bear for long. (Kristen Bell [Beth], Josh Duhamel [Nick])

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The Book of Eli (R)
Uh-oh! The world has been destroyed, there’s no ozone and worst of all, there’s but a handful of books left on the planet. Eli is a mysterious man on a mission to protect one of the world’s last remaining books, which happens to hold the secret to saving humankind. When a power-hungry baddie gets wind of Eli’s sacred book, he wages a campaign to get it for himself so that he might control the locals. Suddenly, Eli and a pretty townie are on a run for their lives to save both themselves and the future of civilization. (Denzel Washington [Eli], Mila Kunis [Solara])

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Youth in Revolt (R)
What’s a nerdy teen to do with the weight of virginity and a hot girl who loves all things French? Invent a fake personality, of course, of a smooth-talking, mustache-sporting playboy who’s capable of suavity, seduction, and even some criminal activity. Michael Cera plays the geek in question in this adaption of a novel about coming of age and learning to be a badass. (Michael Cera [Nick Twisp/Francois Dillinger], Portia Doubleday [Sheeni Saunders])