Awkward! Did Craig Ferguson Suggest Rob Lowe Was An ‘A**hole’ To Him In The 80s?

Rob Lowe and Craig Ferguson go way back to the 80s – possibly not in a good way, however.

The hunky star of Parks and Recreation, appearing on The Late Late Show Monday, remembered back to the decade of decadence, a time when Ferguson, stuck in obscurity, worked as a doorman at a New York late-night club called Save The Robots.

“And you know we were doing a lot of espresso,” Lowe, who’s been open about his battle with addiction, joked.

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Who was the biggest a**hole to ever come into Save the Robots?” Lowe asked the host, who, with a grin, coyly replied, “I can’t tell you.”

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Lowe, thinking Ferguson was implying it was him, seemed surprised, but Ferguson  let him off the hook, saying: “Eh, you had a few drinks, it’s alright, we all make mistakes.”

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