No Underwear, No Filter! LeAnn Rimes Tells Chelsea Handler Why She And Brandi Glanville 'Don't Speak'

LeAnn Rimes ditched her undies to talk to Chelsea Handler about her favorite topic – her husband’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville and why they “don’t speak” and has the video of their racy exchange.

The Borrowed singer told the acid-tongued Chelesa Lately host that her show staffers had trouble finding a place to put the microphone before she walked out on stage because she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

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“Let’s put it this way there was nothing to put on anywhere,” cheeky LeAnn said.

Chelsea deftly steered the conversation to LeAnn’s rehab stint, where she dealt with stress and anxiety, and asked if it was because of Eddie Cibrian‘s ex.

LeAnn told her she was “extremely stressed” and Chelsea pressed on what the problem is between the two women, saying that they Tweet each other, which LeAnn swiftly denied.

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“She tweets a lot to herself,” LeAnn said about Brandi.

“And I just kind of sometimes reply when there’s a ton of lies always spread about me. I just have to spurt it out.”

Despite the sometimes friendly pictures of the two together that sometimes surface, LeAnn said she and Brandi “don’t speak.”

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“When everything you do or don’t do becomes a tabloid story how can you actually co parent?” LeAnn asked, referring to her “bonus sons” Mason and Jake Cibrian.

“How do you speak to someone?”

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