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F-You Jay Leno! Joan Rivers Flips The Bird At Fired Late Night Talk Show Host

Joan Rivers sent a big F-You to Jay Leno and RadarOnline.com has the video of her flipping the bird at the fired late night talk show host.

The foul-mouthed 80-year-old comedienne who was famously banned from the The Tonight Show and she clearly still hates Leno, 63, shot him the middle finger in an interview with the HuffingtonPost Live and ripped on him for everything from his big chin to his comedic skills.

“It was amazing to go back and go into the same show after be welcomed back after being banned from it all these years,” Rivers told HuffPo Live about joining Jimmy Fallon, 39,  on his new NBC show, 48 years to the day that she first appeared on Johnny Carson’s show.

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Her bad blood extended to his successor and she showed how she really felt, saying: “Leno, pick a finger, never had me on the show,” while flipping the bird to the camera.

Rivers explained that she was never allowed back to the Tonight Show after she left, saying “Carson was pissed I went to Fox,” but says she never knew why Leno had her banned.

“My agent went in and begged, used to say for god’s sakes, murderers get 20 years and they’re let out. What has she done?”

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But she turned her trademark acid-tongue on Leno, saying she hasn’t seen him in person in 20 years because “I would see that chin coming around the corner so I would just leave and I only go places where people are funny so I would never see him.”