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Did Brandi Put A Spell On Her? Carlton Gebbia Calls Kyle Richards A ‘Moron,’ Says Joyce Giraud Is ‘Ignorant’

Brandi Glanville seems to be rubbing off on her BFF Carlton Gebbia.

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills beauty seemed to be taking cue from her BFF in her appearance on Watch What Happens Live Monday, running smack talk on castmates Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud when prodded with loaded questions from viewers.

Asked about her castmates’ attitudes toward her background in witchcraft, the gorgeous Gebbia said that “aside from two of them [Kyle and Joyce], I think they’re pretty open to it.”

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“The two of them are pretty ignorant,” the dark-haired beauty said of the duo, playfully feigning to forget their names.

Gebbia said the misconception with her castmates regarding her witchcraft “is that there’s this evil witchery going on, and it’s completely the opposite.”

A caller asked the witchy woman of the 90210 why she didn’t mind Glanville calling her the C-word, yet she was offended when Kyle Richards asked her about witchcraft.

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“Because with Brandy, I understand her and we have a friendship, so her calling me the C-word is coming from a place of friendship, which I do have with her.”

As for Richards, Gebbia said that she was irritated by Kyle’s inquiry, because up “until that point, there had been many little innuendos and digs that had been passive-aggressive, [and] toxic.

“You know, I don’t have patience with morons.”

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