Jimmy Fallon & Bruce Springsteen Team Up On 'Born To Run' Parody Of Gov. Chris Christie Scandal

Bruce Springsteen joined Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night for a duet parodying his 1975 classic “Born To Run” titled “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam,” riffing off embattled politician Chris Christie‘s ongoing scandal, stemming from accusations he closed the George Washington Bridge as a retributive measure toward a political rival.

Fallon, who was dressed up in a persona similar to Springsteen’s vintage 1980s look, echoed the rock legend’s mannerisms and cadence as he slowly reeled off the lyrics to the spoof. He was eventually joined by the man himself, and the two harped in song on the politician‘s purported gambit aimed at the mayor of Fort Lee.

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Springsteen, New Jersey’s prodigal son, actually praised Christie for his efficient handling of Superstorm Sandy in the fall of 2012, which propelled the governor into the discussion for 2016’s presidential election — something the bridge scandal could very well jeopardize.

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