Chris Martin & Coldplay Going On Tour — Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence Joining

The conscious uncoupling of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin continues as the British rock star will be going on tour with Coldplay this fall, with girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence joining her new boyfriend on the road, is exclusively reporting.

Coldplay will “be announcing in the next several weeks that they are embarking on a tour across the United States to promote their new album, Ghost Stories. This won’t be a huge tour as the band has done in the past, and will only be stopping in the major markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York,” a music insider told Radar.

“Chris doesn’t want to be away from his kids, Apple and Moses. Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence will be part of the entourage. She has some down time in her schedule at the moment, and is having so much fun with Chris. Chris’ sense of humor has genuinely surprised her, and his band mates really like Jennifer.”

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Sparks flew for the couple after Lawrence attended a Coldplay show in London on July 1.

“[Lawrence] is not so rigid, and Chris is responding to that,” a pal told Us Weekly. “He’s enjoying being with someone carefree. He’s smiling again. Genuinely.”

Martin has invited JLaw to come to Las Vegas on September 19 for Coldplay’s gig as part of the iHeartRadio concert at the MGM Grand.

The couple “is just enjoying each other, and Chris is having fun again,” the source added.

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