‘All This Job Is, Is Stress!’: Watch The Lougheed’s Construction Company Bloom On A&E’s 'Cement Heads'

Get on your hard hats!

From the channel that brought you Duck Dynasty comes Cement Heads, an inside look at a New York clan in the no-frills New York construction business, as A&E unfurls its’ latest reality TV endeavor, Cement Heads, on Tuesday.

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The reality series trails the exploits of WJL Equities, a Big Apple-based family business headed by Billy Lougheed and his wife Danielle, along with their colorful supporting cast: Bill Sr. and wife Joan, and Joe “Chubby” Luciano.

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In an interesting twist, this might be the first reality series that breaks the fourth wall with the personnel, as cast members freely talk to the camera crews, making for a dynamic previously unseen in a genre of risk-takers from Ozzy to Kim.

The show debuts Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c on A&E.

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com:

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