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I’m Not A Fake! Tori Spelling Confronts Rumors Her Reality Show Was A Sham, Insists ‘I’m Frankly Not That Good An Actress’ PLUS Will She Confront Dean McDermott’s Mistress On-Screen?

Was it true, Tori? After rumors of reality TV fakery dogged Tori Spelling’s “docudrama” series True Tori, she finally spoke out about the claims last night, insisting every moment of the show was authentic — insisting that she’s just not that good of an actress!

Spelling made the claims during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. When asked by host Andy Cohen whether she was surprised some people had doubted her crying meltdowns and tense therapy stand-offs with cheating husband Dean McDermott were the real thing, she said “Completely shocked.”

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“You couldn’t get any more real,” she insisted, while friend and Mystery Girls co-star Jennie Garth chimed in, “How could you even fake that?”

And for the doubters, Spelling admitted, “I’m frankly not that good of an actress!”

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“In drama,” she clarified. “In comedy, I excel.”

Spelling also shot down rumors she was planning for a ratings bonanza by confronting McDermott’s mistress, Emily Goodhand on-screen.

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Clearly disturbed by the thought of the idea, she said, “Hell no. Not true.”

Watch the clip and let us know — do you believe Spelling or do you think the show was faked?