Jaws Of Death! Man Almost Gets Swallowed Whole By A 15-Foot Shark — This Video You Have To See To Believe!

The last thing any beach-goer wants to hear is the terrifying dunnn dun, dunnn dun theme song of Jaws. But when 31-year-old Lew Smart saw a fin moving through the water, his life played out like scenes from the chilling flick.

Smart saw the 15-foot basking shark at Cornwall’s Sennen Cove off the British coast. Instead of running in fear, he captured footage of the rare creature.

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In the 40-second video, Lew began to record the shark when suddenly the 2-foot mouth charged towards him. The shark followed when Lew plunged under water in an attempt to avoid being swallowed whole.

Swimming with sharks before, Lew was able to escape from the terrifying encounter unharmed. Although basking sharks feed by hovering up plankton and not by ingesting humans, Lew may still want to rethink the next time he decides to capture footage of a 15-foot creature!

See the terrifying video right here on Radar:

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