‘Things Are Not Always Perfect': RHOC Ladies Tell All About Shannon Beador’s ‘Rough Patch’ With Husband David

Shannon Beador and her husband David have been going through their rough patch very publicly, and The Real Housewives of Orange County are all trying to support their friend as she goes through this struggle.

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Shannon’s main issue with her husband is that she feels neglected, according to her blog post. But she wants the world to know that she is “far from a sad soul.” She’s very aware that all couples go through hard times.

“Resolution of conflicts and communication are factors that define a successful marriage,” she writes.

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All of the housewives feel for Shannon, and hope she and David find a way to heal their marriage. In her blog post, Lizzie Rovsek seems to understand that not only is marriage hard on its own, but also going through a rough patch on TV would only make it harder.

“Marriage is hard and it takes work,” Rovsek writes. “Everyone goes through hard times and I think it took a lot for Shannon to share this part of her life with the world.”

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Even though Shannon is very open about her marital woes on the show, she also took the time to write about them on her blog. The Real Housewives all have been accused of fakery before, but Shannon insists that what she is going through is very real.

“For better or worse, you are seeing an honest and authentic representation of my marital struggles with David and I hope that some of you can relate and improve upon your relationships as we do with ours,” Shannon writes.

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