Shia LaBeouf’s Money-Grubbing Uncle Owes Him Another $200K — I Want My Money!

Shia LaBeouf is not playing around when it comes to the cash loan he gave to his uncle.

The Transformers actor won a judgement in February for the $800,000 owed to him by uncle Barry Saide, but now LaBeouf, 27, is asking for another $193,100.87 in a new court filing obtained exclusively by

In the April 8 filing, LaBeouf’s attorney asks for a 5% interest rate on the nearly million dollars owed from the time of the loan in Jan. 2011 to April 2012, and then a 9% interest rate thereafter — amassing a total judgement of nearly $200,000.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Shia LaBeouf Going After His Uncle For An Additional $200K — Read The Court Filing

As Radar previously reported, despite the Feb. judgement in LaBeouf’s favor, Saide appealed the ruling in March and is asking the judge to overturn it.

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But LaBeouf is determined and wants his money back!

When LaBeouf originally lent his uncle the money, Saide agreed to pay it back in 15 installments of $53,333, but he never did and that’s when the actor took legal action in New York.

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The grand total that LaBeouf is now seeking from his uncle is $993,100.87.

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