Three Strikes, You’re Hooked: George Clooney’s New Fiancée Snubbed Him Three Times Before Agreeing To Fateful First Date … & He Was Already Smitten!

Ladies, pay attention: Playing hard to get works! George Clooney‘s stunning fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, turned the self-proclaimed lifetime bachelor down three times before even agreeing to go on a first date with him, has learned.

The couple met “last September at a small intimate charity fundraiser,” an insider told Radar exclusively. “George immediately honed in on Amal and was formally introduced to her. He had no idea she was such an accomplished lawyer!”

“She was engaging in the conversation after the introduction was made, and then did the unthinkable,” the source continued. “Amal walked away from the group George was with! He was instantly more intrigued by her. George then inserted himself into another group Amal was talking with. She just wasn’t impressed by the Hollywood actor persona.”

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In fact, the source revealed, “George asked for her phone number at the end of the night, and she refused to give it to him! Again, another first.”

And when the called to ask her on a date the next morning, the source said, “She turned him down! He was absolutely shocked. No one turns George down for a date. Amal had no interest in dating an actor, but George was eventually able to convince her to go out with him to discuss his humanitarian work.”

“After their first date, Amal was extremely impressed with George’s work in Darfur, and realized that he was much more than an actor,” the source said.

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As Radar confirmed, the 52-year-old superstar and the future Mrs. Clooney were spotted celebrating over dinner at two Los Angeles hotspots last week where the 36-year-old bride-to-be was rocking some huge engagement bling.

“We are thrilled for them. We love Amal,” Clooney’s father, Nick Clooney, told RadarOnline in an exclusive interview. “We think they’re a wonderful match and wish them well.”

As for any other details on how their heartthrob son popped the question, he added: “This is their day!”

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Clooney’s aunt, Starla Clooney, hopes to not only be invited to the wedding of the century, but to be front and center as the couple say “I do.”

She’s a non-denominational wedding minister in Ohio, Indiana, and the actor’s home state of Kentucky, which could come in handy for her nephew.

“If he asked me, I would do it,” she told Radar.

But in the meantime, the couple is enjoying their pre-wedding bliss.

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“Amal hasn’t asked George for one thing,” the source said. “Amal has her own life, career and friends. In the past, the ladies he has dated have requested George’s help in getting acting roles, securing hosting gigs, getting new agents. In fact, Amal has made it clear she intends to not give up her law career. She will be based in London and Los Angeles. George has never been with a woman like her, and this is going to go the distance.”

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