Over Already? ‘Bachelor’ Bad Boy Juan Pablo’s Girlfriend Nikki Ferrell ‘Left In Tears’ After He Refused To Tell Her If He’s Been Faithful!

Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis certainly doesn’t like to answers questions about his love life, even when asked by girlfriend Nikki Ferrell!

Fans of the hit ABC show were outraged on After The Rose Monday night when the bad boy refused to tell Chris Harrison if he was in love with Ferrell — even though the couple had been reunited in Los Angeles over the weekend, and Ferrell asked her lothario boyfriend if he had been faithful to her — but Juan Pablo declined to answer.

“Nikki asked Juan Pablo point blank if he had cheated on her during the time the couple was forced to be apart from the time filming ended, several months ago,”  a source exclusively told RadarOnline.com.

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“Juan Pablo wouldn’t even answer her! He evaded the issue, and kept trying to change the subject. Whenever his cell phone would ring, he would step out of the room to take the call. When he finished the conversation, and went back, he flat out refused to even tell Nikki who he was talking to. Nikki was left in tears, and Juan Pablo stormed out of the room.”

And as Radar previously reported, after announcing their romance to the world, Juan Pablo didn’t even spend the night with Ferrell!

“They did not spend the night together,” a production insider shockingly told Radar.

“They both went back to the same hotel, but had separate rooms. Nikki wanted to spend the night with him, but he chose not to.”

Radar was also told the 32-year-old former soccer pro had purposefully ignored his girlfriend’s advances in the weeks leading up to their public reveal, on the After The Final Rose special on Monday night.

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“Nikki had been calling Juan Pablo… and he would never answer his phone,” said one source.

“It would always go to his voicemail. Her messages would also often go unanswered. When Juan Pablo did eventually respond to her, it would be with one word texts which said, ‘busy,’ ‘can’t talk,’ and ‘call later.’”

The strain of the whirlwind and controversial union was on show for everyone to see when viewers saw Juan Pablo tell Ferrell, 26, that he “liked” her “a lot,” but that he wasn’t going to propose because he wasn’t 100 percent sure.

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The fractured fairy tale ended with the two kissing and they appeared together to supposedly let fans know they are still dating.

“This relationship isn’t going to go the distance. Count on it. As someone who has been a part of the show, I have a unique perspective and just know it’s not,” the source concluded.

“This guy is a first class jerk and he is treating her like garbage. She did nothing to deserve this.”

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