See The Video!  Michael Lohan's Fiance Kate Major Tells Cops He's Trying To Kill Her During DUI Arrest

Michael Lohan‘s fiance Kate Major screamed and told cops he was trying to kill her during her recent DUI and domestic battery arrest –and has obtained the video!

On March 13, Major was arrested outside the couple’s Florida home after they allegedly got involved in a brutal fight and, sources told Radar, Lohan called 911 to report she was driving while intoxicated.

In the explosive video, Major denied to the police officer who stopped her that she had been drinking  that day.

Read Kate Major’s Domestic Violence Probably Cause Affidavits HERE

Whimpering, the baby mama of Lindsay Lohan‘s dad claimed, “He tried to kill me.”

After the officer said he smelled liquor on her, and administered field sobriety tests, Major started to cry hysterically, saying, “He’s trying to kill me!  That’s what he wants!”

She also told the cop she needed her baby son, Landon, 1.

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The cop told her he knew nothing about the domestic situation.

Major walked unsteadily during her sobriety test, and when she had to recite the alphabet to the officer, stopped in midstream and had to do it again.

After the policeman arrested her, putting cuffs on, Major became hysterical again.

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In the shocking skirmish with Lohan, 53, that led to her arrest, former reporter Major, 32, allegedly hit him in the face.

As Radar has reported, a judge denied Major bail last week pending her next hearing.

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