Lindsay’s Lies! Lohan Is Caught In Direct Contradictions While Professing Sobriety

Lindsay Lohan has been bragging about her sobriety in her self-titled reality show, but her very own words are coming back to haunt her as she’s getting caught lying about her party habits and even the paparazzi.

The troubled 27-year-old told Oprah Winfrey, 60, that she’s serious about staying away from her addictions.

I also haven’t put myself into stupid situations, which is like going out at night to clubs and stuff like that. I haven’t done that at all,” Lohan said on the OWN documentary.

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However, the Mean Girls star is not exactly telling the truth.

She was spotted the second weekend the show aired at one of her favorite haunts, at the Electric Room at the Dream Hotel in NYC “partying until the early hours,” the New York Daily News reported.

“She’s got people coming and going at all hours,” a source told the paper. “Lindsay loves talking about her sobriety — then going to the Electric Room every Friday and Saturday night.”

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Lohan is also reportedly crashing at the Gramercy Park Hotel instead of returning home to the SoHo apartment that Pilgrim production company fronted the bill for while the show was being taped.

And her own words to Ellen DeGeneres, 56, are a direct contradiction to the show too.  In a sneak preview of her March 31 appearance Lohan tells the talk show host why she loves living out of Los Angeles.

Unlike on the reality show where Lohan complained that she couldn’t go to her AA meeting because of the paparazzi and smoked in her SUV outside a restaurant to avoid them getting a photo of her, she told DeGeneres they don’t follow her.

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By moving to New York I can walk on the street and be a human being. Like I can be normal…” she starts and DeGeneres says: “Yea but you have paparazzi constantly.”

“No, I don’t. No I don’t,” Lohan insists.

As previously reported, those close to Lohan are worried that she’s falling back into her old ways with the friends she’s hanging out with too.

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