Slick Rick: Rapper Ross Settles $2 Million Legal Battle Over Nigeria Concert No-Show

Rapper Rick Ross has one less legal issue to worry about after settling a $2 million lawsuit filed against him over a scrapped concert, is reporting.

In paperwork filed in 2012, the British firm Zons P.R. sued the singer and claimed to have paid Ross $87,500 to promote and perform at the Star Mega Jam, an annual Nigerian concert that draws upwards of 50,000 fans.

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Zons alleged that Ross failed to carry out his promo duties when he cancelled, citing “the violent events in Nigeria” as the reason he wouldn’t appear at the December 2011 show.

When the company reportedly tried to get back its deposit, the rapper didn’t return the cash, and Zons was forced to sue.

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The company sued the controversial rapper for over $2 million in damages over the cancelled performance.

In new court documents filed on January 30, the case has been dismissed, and Ross and Zons P.R. have come to a settlement over the dispute.

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Details of the settlement were not disclosed.

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