Porsha Stewart SLAMS Kenya Moore: She's The Ringleader Of Drama!

Porsha Stewart is blaming Kenya Moore for instigating the violent new feud between NeNe Leakes and her former BFF Marlo Hampton.

“We all knew that NeNe was not in a good place with Marlo, and it was obvious that NeNe was avoiding Marlo all day,” Porsha wrote on her Bravo blog.

So when Porsha saw Kenya walking Marlo over to speak to NeNe,  The Real Housewives of Atlanta star knew Kenya was up to no good.

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“The first thought that crossed my mind was why is Kenya taking Marlo to NeNe?! I know for a fact that there were no good intentions behind Kenya forcing those two to talk. Another time and place minus kids and family, yes, here, NO!” Porsha added.

Kordell Stewart’s ex wife went on to diss Marlo for her inappropriate confrontation, which included screaming obscenities and chasing after NeNe –– all in front of NeNe’s son.

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“We are not in grade school. We don’t fight people because they don’t want to be our friends, My overall take is they were friends and had love for each other.

“Somewhere from wedding day to the Bailey Bowl, true colors on either side had come out full of jealousy, betrayal and heartbreak,” Porsha wrote.

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Was Kenya wrong for trying to get NeNe and Marlo to talk at the Bailey Bowl? Tell us in the comments below.

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