Plumb Luck! 'Brady Bunch' Actress Eve Plumb Scores Big In Lawsuit Against Art Gallery 

It’s the story … of a legal victory! The Brady Bunch actress Eve Plumb, who played overlooked younger sister Jan on the show, just scored a payout in a lawsuit against a bankrupt art gallery, has learned.

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The former child star turned painter recently joined up with 12 other artists to sue Kenneth and Allyson Wynne of Wynne Fine Art in Massachusetts after the couple tried to stiff them all on commission.

Plumb had delivered a painting entitled “Silver Duo” to the gallery on December 3, 2010. On August 14, 2012, she gave them “Yes Yes Yes,” “You Don’t Know,” “See the Pony #10,” “See the Pony #12,” “See the Pony #15,” “See the Pony #19” and “See the Pony #20.” Six months later, the gallery filed for bankruptcy and listed the paintings as collateral — leaving Plumb out of thousands.

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According to court documents obtained by Radar, “the Gallery and/or the Wynnes had failed to pay at least $220,000 in commissions owed to approximately 30 artists” when they filed, “including at least $123,000 in commissions owed to the Plaintiffs.”

Eventually, the judge ruled in favor of Plumb and her co-plaintiffs, awarding them a total of $63,333.75, with $7,000 of that going to Plumb.

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