Meow! Farrah Abraham Slams ‘Couples Therapy’ Co-star Taylor Armstrong For ‘Jealousy’ & ‘Making Up Things’

It’s another day, another bitter smack down in the ongoing feud between warring Couples Therapy stars Farrah Abraham and Taylor Armstrong. Just one day after Armstrong called the former Teen Mom a “f***ing rat” on the show, Armstrong spoke out exclusively to to reveal just what she thinks of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran.

“I just would hope that her habits — of maybe is it bereavement … kind of going through depression, those type of things. Is it her acting out of that or is it of jealousy?” Abraham, who is coming out with a second sex tape on February 13, said.

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“I’ve just moved on from it, so anything that I hear out of her mouth, I just don’t even take seriously, and I just look at the bigger picture of things,” Abraham continued. “And that’s how I would rather be. I’d rather not be the person who is falsely judging, who is making up things, and who is [messing with] somebody else’s life.”

Insisting she is the bigger person in the fued, Abraham explained, “I’m very happy for Taylor … being a woman who has gone through a loss like myself has and being a mother and finding somebody that she would like to put her trust in and get married to, [her fiancé John Bluher]. So on a very real and mature note, I’m very happy for what I see of Taylor and all the prospects of her future … I just hope that she continues her therapy and her progress.”

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In the meantime, Abraham concluded, “I’m not any part of her life and she’s not any part of my life.”

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