Bruce Jenner's TRANSformation Continues! Star Had Hair Transplant Surgery & Procedures To 'Feminize The Face,'  Doc Claims

With each new photo of Bruce Jenner, it seems, the evidence is mounting: A shocking transformation of his appearance is underway, and now a plastic surgeon is speaking out to to say it’s clear — he’s feminizing his features.

San Diego surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo reviewed new pictures of Jenner since having his Adam’s apple shaved down, which Chaffoo points out is “a relatively common procedure in male to female transgender surgery.”

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“A tracheal shave is often performed as a procedure to feminize the face and make the Adam’s apple appear less prominent,” the triple board-certified surgeon explains.

But that wasn’t the only feature the former Olympian was debuting in the new shots: The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also rocked longer, luscious locks, and Dr. Chaffoo says Jenner likely went under the knife for those as well.

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“It appears that Bruce has undergone some type of hair transplant surgery because his frontal hairline appears thicker and much lower than in the earlier photos taken of him,” said Dr. Chaffoo, who has not personally worked on Bruce.

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The doctor added that it also appears that Bruce has “undergone a facelift procedure as his ear lobe appears distorted and pulled down from excess facial surgery.”

Even though Bruce’s estranged wife, Kris Jenner, has denied reports that he is going to undergo a sex change, there is just no denying Bruce’s recent physical changes, including longer, feminine nails.

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As Radar previously reported, Bruce’s sons Brody and Brandon have blamed Kris for introducing plastic surgery to the family and believe that Bruce became more conscious of his physical appearance since entering the world of reality TV.

And Dr. Chaffoo notes, “It is possible Bruce is having a rough time going through the aging process and may be trying to fix his issues by altering his appearance. Clearly, he is striving for a more youthful look by the facial cosmetic surgery, tracheal shave and hair transplantation.”

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But despite reports that Jenner’s daughters Kendall and Kylie are “confused” over his physical changes, Dr. Chaffoo says, “This is not the first time Bruce Jenner has been in the media for undergoing plastic surgery procedures, so this is probably not shocking news to his family…. Whether or not they understand or agree with it is hard to predict.”

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