Can't Take The Heat? Brandi Glanville Blames Kyle Richards For Lisa Vanderpump Bankruptcy Claims

Brandi Glanville sparked a bit of controversy when she alleged that Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd had lived in Calabasas, Calif., and were filing for bankruptcy, and has learned she’s now placing the blame on her co-star Kyle Richards!

“The one thing I do want to clear up is that I don’t know if Lisa and Ken lived in Calabasas and filed for bankruptcy,” Glanville admitted to E!News.

“Kyle Richards told me, I looked it up and on this site where you pay $9.99 it said yes, they lived off Mulholland drive in Calabasas.”

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Glanville continued to backtrack and tried to clarify her confusion about Vanderpump’s past, throwing her co-star pretty far under the bus.

“How do I know if they filed for bankruptcy? Kyle Richards said Ken and Lisa were going to file for bankruptcy and lived in Calabasas. It’s something I repeated, but if they say it’s not true, it’s probably not true. I don’t know it for a fact. It’s something Kyle told me and I repeated it.

“I just don’t understand why Ken and Lisa care so much,” Glanville said.

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On Twitter, Todd slammed Glanville for the comments she made during her PodcastOne show.

“I have worked very hard to establish my reputation as a businessman and your lies threaten my name and character. I have never filed for bankruptcy in my life,” Todd wrote on Twitter.

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The Vanderpump Rules restaurateur vehemently denied Glanville’s claims, tweeting: “For the LAST time, we have never filed bankruptcy!”

And a source close to Vanderpump corroborates her denial, exclusively telling Radar, “No, she has never lived in Calabasas, although she’s sure it’s beautiful! Plus, she’s never filed bankruptcy. These are disgusting lies and she cannot believe that Brandi would perpetuate two very serious untruths.”

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