Bradley Cooper's 'Hustle' Against Hair Loss! Actor Has 'Turned to Propecia' To Battle Baldness

Bradley Cooper rocked a hilarious perm for American Hustle, but in real life, has learned, his hair situation is no laughing matter.

According to a source, Cooper “is so anxious about his receding hairline that he’s turned to [balding remedy] Propecia.”

Cooper, 39, “has a lot of bald guys in his family, so he’s been on Propecia for a couple of years,” the source claims. “And to his delight, it seems to be working.”

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In fact, Cooper’s curly Hustle do was entirely extension-free! But it was still a three-hour ordeal.

“We curled the hair one day [with curlers],” Cooper told The Los Angeles Times about his time on set.  “We put 110 curlers in and then I sat underneath a heat lamp for 45 minutes on each side.”

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But the source claims that when he made The Hangover 3 he and the other two male leads, Zack Galifianakis and Ed Helms “had their own dedicated hairstylists, a first for the franchise and something that was demanded by Bradley” because of his sensitivity regarding his hairline.

And though he’s looking good for now, the source says, “Bradley is determined not to go bald and lose his leading man looks.”

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