‘Teen Mom 2’ Drama: Jenelle’s Abortion, Kailyn’s Custody Fight & Chelsea’s Ex Is Out Of Jail

Jenelle Evans’ roller coaster ride with relationships, jail and pregnancies is going to be front and center of the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 and RadarOnline.com has the brand new promo showing her mother’s horror at her situation as well as the mixed up lives of the other MTV stars.

In a brief video showcasing the train wreck that is Jenelle’s life, the snarky video says: Jenelle and Kieffer broke up. Jennelle met Courtland, they got married. Oh but they both went to a jail for a felony. Now Jenelle is back living with her mom and Jace and Jenelle is pregnant again.”

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Cut to fan-favorite Barbara Evans’ shocked exclamation of: “WHAT?”

The clip then catches viewers up on the rest of the troubled girls.

“Chelsea’s ex Adam is finally out of jail and dating a girl named Taylor, who’s pregnant too.

“Meanwhile, Leah and Jeremy had a baby. Leah’s ex Corey moved on and is getting married to Miranda.

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Kailyn and her ex Joe are in a legal battle over baby Isaac.

“Kailyn pregnant with Javi’s baby.”

Got it? Tune into the new season of Teen Mom 2 on MTV Tuesday, January 21.

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