Pregnant Jenelle Evans Slams Baby Daddy’s Pregnant Ex ‘He Couldn’t Stand U’ & Begs To Know ‘The Truth’ About Their Ongoing Relationship

Jenelle Evans is angry and just can’t take it any more.

“Why can’t anyone just tell me the truth so I can leave ? I can’t deal with this, none of u can to begin to understand,” the Teen Mom 2 replies late Saturday night.

Her plea was in response to learning that her baby daddy-to-be, Nathan Griffith, is back in contact with his previous girlfriend, Brianna Dorris, who is ALSO pregnant.

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“Then leave you know the truth but don’t wanna accept it,” responded one of her friends, suggesting that she walk away from Griffith.

As Radar exclusively reported on Friday, Evans just learned that Griffith was talking to other girls but it wasn’t until later that she realized one of those women was his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

She then went into full attack mode against Dorris, who has a daughter, Athena, with Griffith.

It started with Dorris sending a right hook Jenelle’s way.

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“Jenelle. You broke me and Nathan up. That’s the truth. We were living, sleeping and raising athena together. Believe whatever Nathan tells you.”

Evans wanted none of it and slammed Dorris.

“yr so thirsty for Nathan it’s too f**kng funny. I’m pregnant, yr pregnant. That should say enough,” Evans responded.

“wow, u r the bitch, not me”…..”he couldn’t stand u by what he told me.”

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Evans is due to give birth to her baby by Griffith this spring. It’s not clear when Dorris is due or who her baby daddy is.

Oh, and the new season of Teen Mom 2 premieres on MTV Tuesday.

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