Bachelorette Cheater Ex Ed Swiderski Reveals New Girlfriend In Bizarre Passive-Aggressive Email To Blogger

Five years after Ed Swiderski appeared on Jillian Harris‘ season of The Bachelorette, is he still craving the limelight? The man who received Harris’ final rose — and was later reported to have cheated on her repeatedly — revealed his new relationship with a local newscaster in a bizarre, passive-aggressive email to a blogger.

The blogger, Chicago news critic Robert Feder, posted the full text of an email he received from Swiderski after writing a few articles about his new gal pal, Good Day Chicago host Natalie Bomke.

“Hi Robert, You and I haven’t met, though Natalie pointed out to me that you’ve written several posts about her…” Swiderski  writes in the email, which was first published on

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“I’m no stranger to journalistic tacticians such as yourself,” he bragged, adding, “I’ve been on the cover of 70+M tabloids,” which seems like a bit of an exaggeration.

Swiderski insisted, “[I] have somewhat of an inherent thick skin when it comes to media and public opinion. So I have to chuckle when Nat points out a blog like yours. Women are so sensitive! :)”

Laying on the sarcasm thick, Swiderski continued, “Forgive me, but based on my anecdotal opinion, I’m having a hard time understanding the intent of your posts. If it’s purely just blasting local TV news personalities, (slash former beauty pageant contestants) then it appears you’re achieving this – mission accomplished. But if your’e truly looking to publish engaging, informative content, then perhaps there’s something more I’m missing.”

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“That stated, I’m a lover, not a fighter,” he insisted. “Natalie is one of the most driven, ambitious, career-motivated professionals I’ve ever encountered, not to mention a wonderful person inside and out. Period. Paragraph.”

Finally, Swidesrki offered up an olive branch, asking Feder if he’d like to join him and his girlfriend for drinks sometime. “We’re a fun couple, and truthfully appreciate what you do as a journalist,” he wrote. “Perhaps we could even amplify some exposure of your column if it turns out you’re not such a bad guy. If not, let’s just say we won’t lose any sleep.”

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Was Swiderski’s email funny or just plain weird? Let us know in the comments!

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