Release Of Joe Jackson Documentary Stalled, As Distributors Repulsed By Family Patriarch

Landov/Getty Images

The Architect,” a planned documentary about the life of Michael Jackson‘s father Joe, is on hold because film distributors “despised” the focal point of the piece, has learned.

“It’s all told from Joe Jackson’s perspective, and no one was interested,” George Paige, a former producer on the project, told Showbiz 411. “The distributors despised him.”

Paige said that in the documentary, the elder Jackson repeatedly talks about a “conspiracy” to kill his late son, who he reportedly had an acrimonious relationship with.

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The project’s name has been altered to “Making Michael,” as Paige said producers were $750,000 short of completing the project.

“It went back to the original investors, whoever they were.”

Producer Johnny West said the project will come out “sometime after the first of the year,” though he stopped short of naming the distributor he said agreed to the project. He said it might be featured at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

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As we previously reported, Joe infamously gave an interview with CNN on the red carpet at the 2009 BET Awards — just three days after Michael’s death — in which he said he was “great,” and blew off questions about the family’s mourning to plug his record label.

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