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Dr. Martin MacNeill Murder Trial: Listen To The 9-1-1 Call He Made Saying Wife Was Unconscious In Bathtub

Dr. Martin MacNeill is accused of murdering his ex-beauty queen wife Michele after she had a face-life and as the trial gets underway in Utah the prosecutors played the series of 9-1-1 calls that were made the day he claims to have found her.

RadarOnline.com is live streaming the proceedings and in the Provo, Utah court Friday morning the prosecutors played the tapes from the emergency services department where Dr. MacNeill is screaming at the operator and hangs up on them twice.

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They are arguing that MacNeill was trying to delay the response of the ambulance by hanging up.

The transcript of the audio is below.

Martin MacNeill: I need an ambulance!
Operator: What’s the problem sir?
Martin MacNeill: My wife has fallen in the bathtub
Operator: Who is in the bathtub? Who’s in the bathtub?
Martin MacNeill: My wife
Operator: Ok Is she conscious?
Martin MacNeill: She’s not. I’m a physician
Operator: Sir I can’t understand you can you calm down just a little bit
Martin MacNeill: I need help
Operator: Your wife is unconscious?
Martin MacNeill: She is unconscious. She is in the water
Operator: Did you get her out of the water?
Martin MacNeill: I can’t.. I let the water out. CPR in progress
Operator: She’s under the water?
Martin MacNeill: She is out of the water, get me an ambulance
Operator: Ok is she breathing at all?
Martin MacNeill: She’s not
Operator: The ambulance has been paged, They’re on their way ok do not hang up

Dr. MacNeill hangs up and the operator calls him back to re-establish connection and is heard saying “why would an adult female be…” before he answers the phone.

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Operator: Sir This is 911 can I help you?
Martin MacNeill: I need help
Operator: Sir they’re on their way is your wife breathing?
Martin MacNeill: She is not I am a physician I have CPR in progress
Operator: Sir How old is your wife?
Martin MacNeill: My wife is 50 years old she just had surgery a couple days, a week ago
Operator: What kind of surgery did she have?
Martin MacNeill: She had a facelift
Operator: She had a facelift?
Martin MacNeill: Yes
Operator: Ok Do you know how to do CPR?
Martin MacNeill: I’m doing it
Operator: Ok do not hang up

Dr. MacNeill hangs up on the operator again.

He is charged with killing her on April 11, 2007 and his defense team claims that he was at work while Michele was at home recovering from a face-lift and accidentally drowned in the tub after taking too many prescription medications.

Prosecutors believe that the 57-year-old doctor drowned her after giving her multiple drugs including Ambien, Valium, Phenergan and Percocet and they believe he wanted to kill his wife to be with his mistress, a woman named Gypsy Willis.

If convicted Dr. MacNeill is facing life in prison.