Reaction To Chris Brown's Rehab Entry: Karrueche Cares, Rihanna Carefree

In the wake of Chris Brown‘s entry into rehab following his weekend arrest, we took a look around the Breezy-verse to the two ladies he’s been primarily tied to during his time in the spotlight: model Karrueche Tran and pop superstar Rihanna.

Tran, his on-again, off-again love, immediately pledged her support for the “With You” singer Tuesday, posting on Instagram an image of her and Brown kissing with the caption, “Always & Forever.”

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Rihanna, who was last romantically connected to Brown in the summer of 2012, didn’t seem too moved by the news, continuing on with her glamorous, jet-set life, posting stunning images of herself in a bikini on her Instagram account. (Of course, no one cam blame her for the lack of public empathy, four and a half years after Brown infamously beat her up after a music industry party in Los Angeles.)

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