How'd They Do It? Inside Britney's 'Work B***h' Video 'Photoshop' Scandal

Britney Spears did not necessarily do all the work for the hot body she flaunted in her “Work B***h” music video. As exclusively reported, pre-production stills showed she had a little help from video effects specialists in achieving her toned physique. But how exactly could editors make those changes in post-production? Digital effects expert Devon Talbert described the process exclusively to

Noting that Britney “does appear a little thicker in some shots,” NYC-based videographer Talbert, founder of Devon T Productions says, “In post-production, they may have color-treated it in a way to shape or sculpt the light on her.”

PHOTOS: Compare Britney Before & After Digital Touch-Up

He also explained how the most up-to-date digital cameras, like the Canon Mark III, actually record video that consists of a series of digital individual stills, like those that were leaked by the “Work B***h” visual effects artists at HOAX Films after the shoot. The availability of hundreds of stills documenting each moment of video makes it easy to do editing like a digital slim down in post-production, Talbert says.

Talbert insists he “cannot come to a conclusive decision that she was digitally retouched” since the images leaked by HOAX were not high-res.

Take a look at the before and after shots, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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