Tension Was High! Lisa Vanderpump & Brandi Glanville Barely Talked At Pre-Arranged Dinner, Still Not Friends

Brandi Glanville had dinner with Lisa Vanderpump at her Beverly Hills restaurant Villa Blanca on Tuesday night, but the meal was anything but fun for the two former BFF’s who are no longer on speaking terms.

An eyewitness exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that the two women purposely didn’t sit next to each other, barely spoke 10 words to each other and the tension was so high between them, you could cut it with a knife!

The pre-arranged dinner was part of a charity auction in which the lucky winner — who bid over $10,000 — won a “ultimate housewives experience” with Glanville, that included dinner at Villa Blanca with Vanderpump.

But as Radar exclusively reported last week, the one-time chummy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pals got into an epic fight with each other while filming for the hit Bravo show in Puerto Rico.

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“Brandi and Lisa looked really uncomfortable in each other’s presence,” the insider told Radar of their Tuesday night dinner.

“They put on smiles for the cameras, but it was all for show. You could cut the tension with a knife.”

According to the source, the two women were obligated to keep up their end of the charity deal by attending dinner together, but it does NOT mean they’re friends again, yet.

“Everything about that dinner looked really uncomfortable,” the source said.

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“Brandi even brought a friend with her, making it obvious she didn’t want to be alone with Lisa.”

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