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I Have Some Coke! Justin Bieber's Close Pal Mocks Ties To International Drug Ring

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Apparently, Justin Bieber‘s close pal Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd thinks being caught palling around with an international drug lord is a joking matter.

After exposed Boyd’s recent trip to cocaine hub Suriname — along with some ties to international drug smuggling — the music producer posted several mocking pictures on his Instagram trying to make light of the report.

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On Thursday, Poo Bear, who also goes by “MDMA” like the party drug, posted a picture of himself holding a huge case of coke — Coca Cola that is.

Smirking and pointing at the box, he captioned the picture “(Rick Ross voice) #YouknowIgotit.”

“Haha you’ve got such a coke addiction,” user @Mamjinoz commented. @Haleyluvskidrauhl wore, “Yo, put that away before they see it!!” Wrote user @eemarnja, “hahaha @poobearmdma no pun intended right? LOL the media is craaazay”

Poo Bear also recently told reporters that a picture Justin posted — and later deleted — of Poo Bear holding a bag of white powder was actually a photo of him holding a lime.

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“I like limes,” he explained.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 1.56.33 PM

Referencing that claim, he posted another pic of himself pointing at a lime — which looks nothing like the item in the other post — and wrote, “Caught with a LIME!! I now know how John McCain feels!!”

Justin’s camp has yet to comment.

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