Will Arnett Dating Billy Joel’s Ex-Wife: She Thinks Amy Poehler Is Too Demanding When It Come To The Kids

Since his surprise split from Amy PoehlerWill Arnett has quietly been dating Billy Joel‘s ex-wife, Katie Lee Joel — and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned she’s not okay with all the responsibility and demands that come with her new beau having two children.

Katie Lee is said to be the first person the Arrested Development star, 43, has dated since his divorce with Poehler, but the 31-year-old celebrity chef doesn’t have children of her own and isn’t used to having little ones around.

“Katie Lee’s been telling her friends how happy she is dating Will,” an insider told Radar.

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“But the way that Amy deals with the co-parenting aspect of their split is really getting on her last nerve. Katie is constantly complaining that Amy is making too many demands on Will about his responsibilities and commitments to take care of the kids.”

According to the source, when Will and Amy were together the Parks and Recreation actress had free reign to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted — and is continuing with that routine.

“Amy sort of wore the pants and did what she wanted, when she wanted, with whoever she wanted,” the source said.

“Katie Lee has to realize that if she’s going to make it work with Will, she’s going to have to make it work with Amy and the kids, too.”

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