‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Drug Use Excuse: She Does It Because ‘A Lot Of Things Stress Her Out’

Jenelle Evans’ positive drug test that landed her in jail was not a surprise to her close friends and family who told RadarOnline.com that they believe she is smoking pot because “a lot of things stress her out.”

The Teen Mom was thrown in a North Carolina jail for 48 hours after she failed a drug test that a judge ordered on Monday, and a source said they’re worried about her now.

“People close to Jenelle are telling her that pot is a high school drug and she should stop doing it. They tell her all the time. She keeps saying ‘I’m going to quit,’ but she hasn’t yet.”

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The source said that while Jenelle has kicked her heroin habit and went to rehab this year, she smokes marijuana to help her calm down.

“A lot of things stress her out. So she smoked a few times recently.”

Jenelle was picked up from jail by her boyfriend Nathan Griffith who showered her with roses in their home and the source said their relationship is going strong.

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“Nathan doesn’t do drugs and he’s not an alcoholic but he’s not mad at Jenelle. He is telling his friends ‘Jenelle is a good girl.’”

He was disappointed that she failed the drug test, the source said.

“Nathan told her that she shouldn’t have been smoking in the first place, but that he doesn’t think she is using hardcore drugs. He says to people ‘You never hear of anybody overdosing on pot.’”

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Jenelle Evans Arrested And Bloodied After Fight With Courtland

MTV cameras were filming during Jenelle’s court appearance on August 12 and the source said Jenelle was genuinely upset about the drug test.

“She is trying so hard to do the right thing and is really making an effort to straighten out.”

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