Show Me The Money! Joe Giudice’s Ex-Business Partner Says The ‘RHONJ’ Star Still Owes Him $260K

Joe and Teresa Giudice maintain that they are innocent of the 39 counts of financial fraud facing them.

But Joe’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole, has experienced the Giudices’ brand of business dealings first-hand. Giudice was found liable of mortgage fraud back in 2007, when he forged Mastropole’s signature on a mortgage document.

Then, a judge ordered Giudice to pay Mastropole $260,000 for the scam, but more than six years later, Mastropole tells exclusively, Giudice still hasn’t gotten around to it!

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“I never received a penny from them,” Mastropole told in the wake of the Giudices’ indictment.

Indeed, Mastropole told back in 2011 that he didn’t expect Joe to pay up because his income was “fraudulent, untraceable and untaxed.”

Allegedly, he was correct: Joe was subsequently charged with tax evasion in this week’s indictment.

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Mastropole continued, “I think his money is untraceable, so it will be hard for me to collect any debt.”

And if the Giudices have to serve any of the 50 years in prison that they face, that could become even more difficult.

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