Revealed: Concert Promoter AEG Considering Call To DA Who Landed Conviction Against Michael Jackson’s Death Doc

Lawyers for AEG are considering calling one of the district attorneys that successfully prosecuted Conrad Murray as possible witnesses in the wrongful death trial of Michael Jackson, is exclusively reporting.

Katherine Jackson is suing the concert promoter alleging that AEG failed to properly investigate and supervise Michael’s one-time doctor, Murray. Murray was convicted two years ago for the involuntary manslaughter death of the King of Pop.

The concert promoter “doesn’t want to put Conrad Murray on the stand for several reasons. First, Murray is a sanctimonious and arrogant, he will make the testimony all about him. He would likely be unwilling to answer the most important questions, and invoke the fifth amendment because he is appealing the conviction,” a source told Radar.

“Secondly, Murray would use the appearance to possibly promote a book/overseas tabloid interview he is planning upon his release from jail.”

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The source added, “For those reasons, and more, AEG lawyer, Marvin Putnam, has been in contact with former Los Angeles County District Attorney, David Walgren, who is now a judge, and current prosecutor, Deborah Brazil, whom both handled Murray’s case.

“Both are agreeable to appearing and testifying. AEG needs to present a witness to the jury that can explain Murray’s role in Michael’s death. It’s AEG’s position that no one could have known that Murray was giving Michael a Propofol at night to sleep.”

The decision will be made “in the next several days about if one or both of them (Walgren/Brazil), will be called to testify,” the insider revealed.

“They would both be very compelling witnesses for AEG and the jury would be very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism of the criminal case.”

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Testimony in the trial is expected to last until September.

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